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M.S.A.D.30 Lee~Springfield~Webster~Winn

M.S.A.D. # 30 is located in the northeast town of Lee, Maine in Penobscot County. Lee is a small New England village with a picture postcard feeling, situated on Route 6, the Trans-Maine Trail. It was incorporated in 1832, and the population was 845 at the 2000 census.

Our district, which serves 210 students, includes three schools, Lee/Winn Elementary School, in the town of Winn, is Kindergarten - 4th grade, Mount Jefferson Junior High, in the town of Lee, is 5th-8th grade, and the Edith Lombard School re-opening up in the fall of 2010, in the town of Springfield, is housing our 4 year old program and the Special Services office. Our Secondary students are tuitioned to Lee Academy, which is a private school established in 1845. MSAD 30 serves the communities of Lee, Springfield, Winn, Webster Plantation, Carroll Plantation, Drew Plantation, Reed Plantation, Macwahoc Plantation, and Lakeville.

MSAD 30 provides students with the opportunity to develop and succeed in their life goals. Our faculty and community have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the education of our future adults.

If you have any questions or input on our web site, please feel free to contact the District office at (207)738-2665. 

Contact Information:

MSAD 30, District Office
31 Winn Road
Lee, ME 04455
Phone: (207)738-2665
Fax: (207)738-2010

Mount Jefferson Jr. High
61 Winn Road
Lee, ME 04455
Phone: (207)738-2866
Fax: (207)738-3817

Lee/Winn Elementary
1009 Route 168
Winn, ME 04495
Phone: (207)738-3060
Fax: (207)738-3070

Edith Lombard School
883 Main Street
Springfield, ME 04487
Phone: (207) 738-2481
Fax: (207)738-2992

Special Services Office
1009 Route 168
Winn, ME 04495
Phone: (207)738-3060 
Fax: (207)738-3070