MSAD # 30 PTA Newsletter

Welcome to the M.S A.D. 30 PTA

You are invited to join MSAD 30  Parent  Teacher Association


What does it mean to become a PTA?

PTA's benefits everyone. Strong schools means stronger communities. PTA membership is open to anyone who wants to be involved and make a difference for the education, health, and welfare of children and youth. PTA improves children's well-being. PTAs focus on what students need to be successful in their learning including proper nutrition, safety, and healthy environments.

PTAs keep parents informed. Involved parents can understand the challenges schools space and become part of the solution. PTAs support education through active participation and advocacy. PTAs help parents navigate the local educational system to become effective advocates for their children.

PTAs help schools fulfill parent involvement requirements mandated by the elementary and secondary education act No Child Left Behind Act. Why? Because PTA's definition of parent involvement is the definition used in ESEA-NCLB. Getting involved in PTA is the best way to utilize parent involvement.

PTA is the number one voice for parent involvement. Children succeed when families, schools and communities work together. PTA helps develop those relationships through resources, programs, and advocacy. You are not alone. PTA is a network of passionate volunteers just like you, ready to assist when you need help. You are part of a powerful voice of all children working with like-minded people around the country and the world to improve the education and well-being of our youth. You are supported by real people who will connect you to information about children and education you can use today. PTA makes a big difference by influencing the decisions that legislators and leaders of other instruction for all schools and school districts. You can be a role model to our children and our community! If you're interested and would like to know some more information you may contact our members on the board.

Suzanne Lattig- President

Ginger Martin - Vice President

Lynn Faulkner - Secretary

Erlene Goodwin - Treasurer 

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