2017-2018 Bus Routes

MSAD 30’s  first day of school is Wednesday, August 30, 2017

All changes are bold and underlined.


Winn Bus: Bus 41


A.M: 6:00 Picking up Macwahoc students and meeting RSU 67 bus at the at the Post office in Mattawamkeag at 6:20.  Go to Main Street in Winn to Brehaut's on Rte. 2 in Winn, continue south to the Military Road, continue north on Rt. 2, and turn on Route 168, to Phillips Road, turn around, continue on to Lee/Winn School (approximately 7:10 a.m.). Proceed to Route 168 picking up junior high and LA students along the way including all side roads excluding the Corbett Rd. Go to MJ.

 P.M.: - Commence at Lee Academy, and MJ.  Reverse a.m. run.

 Reed, Drew, and Webster


A.M. 5:55A.M. – Commence at Moulton’s on Route 171, go up the Bancroft Road around 6:10 then straight through to Drew Plantation, then turn onto Molly Osgood Rd. to Route 169 to Webster, first pick up at Coles around 6:45, go to the Worster Rd. turn around, to Pickle Ridge to Rte. 169, and proceed to Mallett Mill Rd, LA, MJ.  Pick up Corbett Rd. and Richardson Farm Rd and proceed to LW.

P.M.: Commence at Lee/Winn School go to MJ and LA, to reverse AM run.


In-Town Bus: Bus 51

KENNY HANSCOM'S RUN A.M.: 6:00 A.M- Commence, on North Road proceed to the South Road, turn around go to Rte. 6 proceed to the Hale Farm Road, turn around at end.  Go to Maxwell Farm Road, Skunk Hill Road, Weir Pond Road, Cobb Road, down Thomas Hill Rd,(drop off any LA students) Go to Arab Road to the Saba’s residence turn around.  Proceed to Lee Academy and Mt. Jefferson Jr. High (approximately 7:15 a.m.) Proceed on Rte. 168 picking up all elementary students including Ridge Rd and Old East Winn Rd., proceeding to L/W.

 P.M.: Commence at the Lee/Winn Elementary School, dropping off all students that live on Route 168 including all side roads off Rte. 168. Continue to Mt. Jefferson Jr. High School and pick up Lee Academy students. Go to Arab Road, Maxwell Farm Road, Skunk Hill Road, Weir Pond Road, Cobb Road, and Thomas Hill Road. Proceed to Hale Farm Road.  Proceed to North Road then to South Road.

 Carroll/Lakeville Bus: Bus 12

JOHN WHITE’S RUN: A.M: 6:05 - Commence North Road in Carroll, turn around at Lindsey's, proceed back to Rte. 6 to the Brown Road, to Duck Lake Rd., to the Lowell Rd., turn left continue to the intersection in Lakeville and turn around, pick up on Bottle Lake Rd. back to Rte. 6, pick up all of Route 6.  Proceed to Lee Academy, Mt. Jefferson Jr. High, and proceed to L/W with no pickups along the way.

 P.M.: Commence at the Lee/Winn Elementary School to Mt. Jefferson and to Lee Academy.  Reverse A.M. run.


If you have any questions, please call the Superintendent’s office at 738-2665.