Message from the Superintendent


To:       All students and parents of the MSAD # 30 school community
From:   Barry McLaughlin, Superintendent of Schools


On behalf of the MSAD # 30 Board of Directors, teachers, and support staff, I would like to welcome you to another school year.  It will be an exciting opportunity for all of us to be sure!

Students- I hope your summer break has been fun and relaxing.  The start of each school year provides an opportunity to start over – sometimes a true gift!! Each of you has perfect attendance and a 100 average.  You have the opportunity to make the choices that will ensure you have the best school year ever.  Think about that, please.  Your success in life, more than ever before, depends on the skills and attitudes you develop and acquire at school.  Despite the importance of that, school can and should be fun.  I encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful educational opportunity that your community has provided.

Parents- Rest assured that MSAD # 30 has wonderful, capable, and caring employees who are totally dedicated to the well being of your children.  We face a daunting challenge to provide your child the education and skills they need to compete with the world for the best jobs of the future.  Successful workers in 2030 will be involved with technology, for example, that does not even exist today. Schools cannot meet this challenge alone.  We sincerely ask for and welcome your input and involvement in your child’s education.  Please review the student handbook as it contains important information about policies and procedures in the district.  We hope you and your family will spend some time together reading and discussing the handbook.  If you have questions or concerns, please call your child’s school or district office. 

Lastly, we are excited about the re-opening of the Edith Lombard School and the implementation of a program for our 4 year old learners.  This is a great little school and has recently been renovated.  The new 4 year old program will provide learning opportunities to children when they are so ready and willing to learn.  It is only one of other ventures that we need to embark upon to insure our students have a world class education.

E. Barry McLaughlin
Superintendent of Schools