Message from the Superintendent



To:          All students and parents of the MSAD # 30 school community

From:    William P. Braun, Superintendent of Schools

 The MSAD # 30 Board of Directors, teachers, and support staff welcome you to another school year.  It will be an exciting opportunity for all of us to be sure!

 We hope that the summer has provided students and their families a chance to spend some quality time together and to enjoy the area in which we live. Maine is a beautiful place and we are blessed with clean air, water and wonderful recreational opportunities.   We welcome the return of our students to the classroom.

 We encourage you to remain involved in your child’s education when school starts.  You are welcome at events, games, and concerts at the school, but we encourage you to take a deeper involvement.  Please consider setting some time aside in the evening to talk with your students about their schoolwork.  As they progress in their education studies it becomes more complicated, but they will appreciate your interest.

Schools, parents, and others will need to work together to enable students to acquire the skills they will need to be successful in an increasingly competitive world.

 Please review the student handbook as it contains important information about policies and procedures in the district.  We hope you and your family will spend some time together reading and discussing the handbook.  If you have questions or concerns, please call your child’s school or district office. 

 Please note that our grading/reporting system is changing to comply with the requirement to meet standards and prepare our students for proficiency based gradation standards.